Motivation Toward English Language Learning of Thai Students Majoring in English at Asia-Pacific International University

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Nakhon Kitjaroonchai
Tantip Kitjaroonchai


This study sought to investigate the types of motivation (integrative or instrumental) that English major Thai students at Asia-Pacific International University have toward the learning of the English language, and the correlation between the students’ learning motivation and their academic achievement (GPA). A modified 20- item motivational survey adapted from Gardner’s (1985) Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) was administered to 137 English major Thai students. The findings reveal that the students had high levels of integrative and instrumental motivation to learn English. Their instrumental motivation was found slightly higher than their integrative motivation. The investigation also demonstrated that there is a significant positive relation between students’ learning motivation and their academic achievement (GPA). Following these findings, some pedagogical implications are discussed with their recommendations.


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