Effect of Deep sea water, Activated Charcoal on Cholesterol in Hyperlipidemic subjects

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Alwyn Abraham Chacko
Poomarin Intachai


This research was designed to study the effect of deep sea water (DSW) and activated charcoal (AC) on hyperlipidemic subjects. Levels of cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides were tested at the beginning and end of 14 days. The subjects were divided into three groups.The first group was asked to consume deep sea water which had mild traces of magnesium (2% in a 240ml serving; 1800ml to be consumed per day); the second group was asked to consume charcoal capsules (260 mg three times a day), and a third group was the control group. The groups consumed deep sea water and activated charcoal for 14 days. Cholesterol pre- and post-examination revealed that deep sea water or activated charcoal had no significant effect on reduction or regulation of cholesterol levels.


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