Teachers’ Stated Needs and Their Actual Use of Technology

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Kitiya Khamprem
Atipat Boonmoh


This research investigated teachers’ stated needs regarding their use of technology, and the kinds of technology that they actually used to facilitate learning in their classrooms. Questionnaires were distributed to 10 language teachers at a technical college in Thailand to learn about their present use of technology, as well as their stated needs for technology training. The technology training was then designed to match their needs. After 10 weeks, semi-structured interviews were conducted to determine the teachers’ use of technology, the kinds of technology used, and their reasons for use or non-use of technology in their classrooms. A survey questionnaire revealed teachers’ positive attitudes toward technology. They expected to learn new technological skills, to keep themselves updated regarding current developments, and to apply them in their classrooms. The semi-structured interview findings revealed, however, that some teachers did not use technology to facilitate classroom learning because of poor Internet connections, lack of supporting facilities, excessive teaching work, and related issues. Based on these findings, the pedagogical implications are discussed.


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