Effectiveness of Basic Life Support Short Course Training Among Thai Vocational College Students

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Petcharat Eiamla-or
Suwadee Takan
Jettana Wongsasung
Kanokwan Nunchai


The purpose of this quasi-experimental research was to compare test scores among Thai vocational college students regarding their basic life support knowledge and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills before and after receiving short course training. Purposive sampling was used to select 30 students with no prior training in basic life support (BLS). The BLS short course training was based on the guidelines of CPR 2020 by the American Heart Association. The content validity index of the questionnaire used was 1.0, the reliability testing of knowledge questionnaire was .84, and the skill checklist was .70. The mean post-test score for BLS knowledge obtained after an informative lecture was higher than that obtained pre-test. Similarly, the mean post-test CPR skills score obtained after training was higher than that received in the pre-test; the score differences were statistically significant (p < .001). The results indicated that short course training can be used to improve students’ understanding of BLS guidelines and effectively perform cardiac compressions. Such short course training should be implemented and established as a feature in the curricula of Thai vocational college education institutes throughout the country.


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