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Lingyun Cheng
Pensiri Chartniyom


The rich historical usage of lacquer in China and the enduring practice of Oriental pottery have converged to pioneer an inventive trajectory for safeguarding traditional crafts. The research aimed to recognize cultural essences in lacquer pottery products, enhance their contemporary design value through systematic data collection on art techniques and interpretation, and to elevate the aesthetics of Chinese teapots. This study delved into the realm of lacquer-pottery creative products, refining creative paths through explorations of various teapot typologies. By dissecting the aesthetics of Chinese teapots and merging them with the prowess of lacquer pottery craftsmanship, this research offered profound insights that propelled the modern evolution of traditional craft design.

The current study employed a mixed methods approach, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, and the interview was conducted with 30 participants. A comparison of the lacquer pottery cultural creative product design with two similar products validated the feasibility of the teapot cultural creative design. The study found that: 1) accurately incorporating design elements from the aesthetic qualities of lacquer pottery relics into lacquerware products realizes the translation of cultural genes in contemporary times. 2) The innovative combination of lacquerware and pottery craftsmanship alters the design process of creative products and creates innovative lacquer pottery products. 3) The feasibility of the design of the lacquer pottery teaware series of Chinese landscape-themed cultural and creative products is analyzed through the case study of a teapot. This study aims to inspire future designers and contribute to the continuous innovative development of lacquer pottery products.


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