An An Analysis of Moral and Generosity in Vessantara Jataka


  • พระสายันต์ พรามะนิล Acharya Nagarjuna University


Keywords: characteristic, protagonist, good action



This aim offers an analysis of the character of the protagonist in Vessantara Jataka in Theravada Buddhism. The Vessantara ideal of extreme self-sacrifice with special reference to Vessantara’s occupation. The analysis focuses on the moral and those of good actions done by the Vessantara who is the protagonist of the story.  The Vessantara Jataka is one of the top widespread Avadanas or a legendary material core on the Buddha’s descriptions of episodes by somebody’s praiseworthy conducts in a former life of Theravada Buddhism. The Vessantara Jataka states the tale of one of Buddha's previous lives, concerning a sympathetic prince, Vessantara, who donates the whole thing he possesses, containing his children, by this means showing the virtue of perfect charity. The Vessantara Story, an account of beyond what is ordinary or usual acting generously, is one of the greatest significant stories in the Buddhist world.
















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