Legal Measures for Sustainable Wetland Management : A Study of the Khuan Kee Sian Wetland in Thale Noi Non-Hunting Area,Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province,


  • ่Jiraporn Makkaew Faculty of Law at Thammasat University


The wetland, The wetland protection, Khuan Kee Sian Wetland, Ramsar site


This article is part of a thesis titled "Legal Measures for Sustainable Wetland Management: A Study of the Khuan Kee Sian Wetland in Thale Noi Non-Hunting Area, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province," which aims to investigate legal measures related to the protection and conservation of the Kuan Kee Sian. This topic was researched to investigate the sources of the problem in the Khuan Kee Sian Wetlands, in accordance with the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, particularly as a Waterfowl Habitat. to research Thai laws and policies. to investigate worldwide treaties and agreements on wetland management and to propose long-term solutions to the problem. Kuan Kee Sian wetlands are located in an area where wildlife hunting is prohibited. It was designated as Thailand's first non-hunting area in 1960, and in 1998, The Royal Thai Government suggested that the wetlands be included in the Ramsar Site List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands of National Importance. Particularly as waterfowl habitat (the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, particularly Waterfowl Habitat) or the Ramsar Convention, which has the primary goal. Wetland resources must be managed wisely to conserve and stop the loss of the world's wetlands. It is a legally protected region. However the wetland is degradation. It was discovered in nature. The quality of surface water is degrading. The phenomena of eutrophication occur. The inappropriate type of land was used to encroach on community areas. According to the research study, the main reason for the problem was that the existing law had not been modified. And from communal conduct, such as dumping untreated effluent from kra-jood dyeing into nature. Garbage dumping beneath the home the community lacks a technically correct waste management facility. Wetland access is required by the community for agricultural and land development. Furthermore, the operation including the transfer of government officials in the Department of National Parks' wild animals and plants has an impact on the activities of the Thale Noi Wildlife Sanctuary. To ensure that these challenges can be avoided and lead to sustainable wetland management strategies. As a result, there is a request for more changes. pollution source The Promotion and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act defines lethal substances. It was also planned in the Public Health Act of 1992 to develop a network between provinces having wetlands and to exchange personnel with wetlands experience. Establishing collaboration with other countries to participate in operations in the Kuan Kee Sian Area is one example. Additionally, it is proposed that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issue a requirement or issue a notice requiring the civil service of the head of government agencies in protected areas to be stationed continuously for at least three years, including the establishment of an action plan that has cooperation with the country. Parties will exchange personnel and learn how to manage wetlands with similar concerns. Including provisions to allow communities and the Wetland Foundation to engage in the maintenance of the region.


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