Developing Green Network for Bangkok Metropolitan Area

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A city’s Green Network serves multiple functions such as recreational areas, ecological balances, resilient and disaster protection area, green infrastructure and etc. Thus, the idea of developing a city’s green network has been implemented in several cities for a long time. Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA) has encountered the problems of the increase in population and land use density, environmental degradation, and the decrease in green areas. As a result, Department of City Planning, BMA, plans to improve the quality of life in Bangkok by developing the city’s green network. The objectives of this research are 1) to identify the potential areas, and 2) to propose implementation strategies for Bangkok’s green network. The study finds out that there are three keys components in developing Bangkok’s green network which as city’s potential green areas and public parks, streets and canals. The methods of study are reviewing Bangkok’s policies and green network concepts, collecting basic data of the potential areas of all key components, developing Bangkok’s Green Network Master Plan and development strategies, conducting public hearing, revising the master plan and concluding the suggestions and strategies to develop Bangkok’s green network for implementation.


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