Research and Design for Ceramic Art Installation at Bangkok University

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This article presents the process and results in site specific ceramic art installations design for a newly built lobby bar of the Faculty of Humanities and Tourism Management Bangkok University (Rangsit Campus). This public area is designed for casual meeting that revolves around eating and drinking. The interior designer has requested an installation art that relates to tableware and indirectly presents information about it. The research process includes investigating related documents on building design, space usage, and curriculum of hotel and tourism management. Design concept draws physical information like shape and dimension of tableware for banqueting and converts those data into a group of forms intended for the final installation. The result is an installation size 1.80 meters wide, 4.50 meters long and 1.50 meters deep hung from the ceiling. All the ceramic forms in this installation are slip-casted with colored slip. They are made in different shades of blue to represent the Blue and White pottery. The Blue and White pottery is easy to recognize and historically significant. This installation reflects my ceramic art identity through the shapes and the way they were composed. The research and design process in this article will benefit designers who wish to create site specific installation art in the future.


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