Construction of Traditional Thai-Style Wooden House of the Central Region : Case Studies of Contemporary Ruen Thai

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This research focuses on the methods of construction, as well as relevant factors, pertaining to the construction of traditional Thai-style wooden houses of the Central Region of Thailand. Primary data was collected through interviews of the builders, measured work, and photographic records of three case study houses: the ruen Thai of Chulalongkorn University Cultural Center, Ms Arida Nutkanchanakul’s residence in Chonburi, and Mr Charin Thanphanit’s house in Suphanburi. Secondary sources on traditional Thai house construction, as well as literary works, were also consulted.

Through a comparative analysis of the three cases, the research focuses on the method of assemblage, and the pre-fabrication system that have been maintained through time. Nonetheless, there are certain improvements in terms of construction methods, which help facilitate and modernize house construction. Modern materials and tools have also been applied, in conjunction with partial transformation of the house, in response to present-day conditions. Anyhow, a thorough understanding of traditional house construction remains vital as basic knowledge. The research result adds to the current literature on traditional Thai-style wooden houses of the Central Region of Thailand, and the future development of Thai architecture.


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