Creating Data in Building Information Modeling of the Components of Thai Architecture Based on Point Cloud Data from Laser Scanning Technology

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Kaweekrai Srihiran


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a computer technology which was developed to make use of data to create building models, and has been widely adopted for designing and constructing new buildings. Building Information Modeling is also used to store information about existing buildings for which no original blueprints are available, such as traditional Thai-style buildings. The technology surveys structures using laser scanning and stores the information in the form of point cloud data to serve as a starting point and reference for constructing models. This present study develops ways to convert point cloud data into data for use in BIM, which incorporates more than the common building components, relying on the concept of Volumetric Pixel (VOXEL) to integrate data sets. This allows data to be obtained from the components of traditional Thai-style buildings in a detailed and in-depth manner which can then be widely and effectively applied to conservation work.


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