Improvement of Facilities Connecting between Mass Transit Stations and Piers in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

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naiyana siriphan
Thana Chirapiwat


The connection  between rail transport system which is the main public transport and boats is an efficient transport and distribution of passengers. The objectives of this research are to investigate correlation between existing conditions and commuter’s travel patterns and opinions on the transfer linkages between boat transit piers and rail transit stations in order to purpose linkage facility improvements at 3 selected locations including Sathorn, Phetchaburi and Bang Wah. The data were collected from printed documents, electronic sources, field survey and questionnaire. 415 samples of commuters at the 3 study sites were randomly selected to answer the questionnaire on their travel behaviors, opinions on the physical conditions and services of the transfer linkages. The key findings are as follow: most of the sample commuters have the main purpose of travelling to work around the central business district. Factors that transit users perceived as the most important is rapid and easy transfer. The second factor is presenting clear and concise information and management. Recommendations for improving the existing conditions are 1) Integrate public transit systems and related agencies for systems and facilities coordination. 2) Concern authorities to prioritize and refurbish components that were perceived as most important but deficient from user’s perspective, such as displaying real time, clear, and concise information, and management, followed by safety precautions, which shall increase efficiency of Bangkok’s transfer linkages for multimodal transit areas.


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