State of Traditional Thai art in The Digital Age: 2019 - 2022

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Tanat Jiravansirikul
Supachai Areerungruang


The research was conducted to investigate perspectives and approaches in creating artworks based on or related to traditional Thai patterns. The study involved artists and researchers interested in developing their own unique representations of Thai patterns. A qualitative research method, specifically a collective case study, was employed, examining four case studies of works that were discussed, critiqued, and disseminated in popular digital media between 2019 and 2022. Data was collected through interviews and observations of the creators, participants, and those involved in the process of each case study. The findings revealed that all the artists, researchers, and creators explored their own paths in transmitting their interpretation of Thai patterns using innovative methods and concepts. They utilized the distinct characteristics of traditional Thai patterns as their personal identity to perpetuate and globalize Thai patterns, believing that these patterns can be adapted and modified according to different contexts and time periods.


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