Vernacular Architecture Technology for Chinese Row Dwellings Construction in Sisaket Province

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warayut inaram
Chuwit Napia


This research was aimed to investigate and study the over one-hundred-year-old Chinese vernacular Row Dwellings still exist in Sisaket province. Data was collected from the site and in-depth interviews with settlers and community members and leaders were done by the researchers to acquire both background information and folk wisdom related to architecture style, dwelling structure, materials, application, and construction technology. The result showed that Chinese vernacular row dwellings in Sisaket municipal area were one-or two-storey built mainly out of wood and clay, so called “clay house”. The dwellings were built by Chinese technicians settling down in Northeast region and were divided into 2 types based on purpose: (1) residential dwelling, and (2) commercial clay dwelling. Both dwellings had wood structure and contained adobe brick in which the latter was to support the weight. The commercial clay dwellings were built townhouse-liked to store products, especially the high-value ones. The dwellings were highly secured from crime and well-prevented from fire, the latter property was due to the non-flammability of adobe brick mainly used in construction. Adobe brick was common in local area, thus reducing construction time. The dwellings are currently in ruins because high humidity leads to deterioration of adobe brick which is the main construction component. Some dwellings have been reconstructed with concrete.

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