Developing a Model for Political Participation of People in Roi Et Province

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Phrasilasak Sumato
Patcharee Silarat
Jitlada Silarat


         The objectives of the research article were 1) to study a model of residents’ political participations in Roi Et province, 2) to develop the model of their political participations in here, 3) to propose the developed model of their political participations in here. The target site for undertaking the research was set within the province. The sampling group comprised 400 eligible voters in Roi Et province’s constituencies, calculating  selected  subjects  in  proportion  of  key sampling constituencies in twenty districts. Statistics utilized for hypothesis testing included: discriminant analysis, stepwise method, and canonical correlation analysis.  Eventually, repeated measure multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was implemented with outcomes  of comparative data collected on pre-and post-tryouts of the model.

          The research results were as follows : 1. Factors impacting on developments of residents’ political participations in the province have found three variables: faiths in their political party, a close monitor of political movements, and full trusts of political efficiencies. 2. Developments of their political participations in the province have been focused on holding two activities of each variable. 3. Proposals of tryouts and assessments out of the target model of their political participations have been experimented with thirty subjects. Comparative results between pre-tryouts and post-ones have found scores vary, with the statistical significance at the level of .05. On account of them, such outcomes have shown that comprehensive scores of the latter are higher than those of the former with the statistical significance. So, higher scores indicate feasibility of the target model. In conclusion, developments of this model have yielded far better results.


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Sumato, P., Silarat, P., & Silarat, J. (2020). Developing a Model for Political Participation of People in Roi Et Province. Academic Journal of Mahamakut Buddhist University Roi Et Campus, 10(1), 278–290. Retrieved from
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