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Vol. 10 No. 1 (2564): (January-June 2021)

Published: 2021-06-12

The Quality of Work of Local personnel, Tambon Administrative Organization Nam Nao District, Phetchabun Province

Hathaiwan Tunyapanich, Saran Laohapan, Wanvarang Sudtachai, Nara Somboon, Arada Chaisena, Kraison Dessimm


Guidelines for the Management of Wastewater Community Involvement Bueng Nong Khot, Banped Sub-district, Muang Khon Kaen District, Khon Kaen Province

Rungnapha Kittilap, Phollawat Chantaramongkol, Alongkorn Sukawan, Umarwan Watakit, Siwaphon Kittilap


The Influence of Brand Experience and Satisfaction Affecting Brand Loyalty for the Private University

Umarwan Watakit, Ratchada Phakdeeying, Thitaree Durongdumrongchai, Daranee Ketchomphoo, Kanitha Thongchua


Excellence Model in Delivering Justice of Court of First Instance

Sirimongkol Kongthanasuwan, Pakdee Phosing, Yupaporn Yupas


Strategies for Recognizing University Brand of Current Students

Todtamon Sangsawang, Rungnapa Kittilap, Naruemol Ariyapim, Maneechan Yuenkong


An Application of Local Wisdom and Buddhism in Drug Addict Treatment for Social Security in Roi Et Province

Piyasuda Pecharawech, Patcharee Sirarat, Phrakruvichitpanyaporn, Siriwudh Russamechay, Arkom Ukot


Creating Innovations for Dharma Camp Training for Thai Youth in the 21st Century

Phrasilasak Sumato, Juree Saijunjaim, Adisak Tumanan, Vimonporn Suwansaentavee, Wongchanok Jumrearnsan, Pornpimol Pochaila


The Dissemination of Buddhist Methods for Reducing Aggressive Behavior of Thais in the 21st Century

Sumate Tepsopa, Jiraporn Phansawang, Phrakrupramotseelakul, Thongpluang Apaiwong


The Development of a Model for Prevention and Resolution of the Conflicts Caused by the Juveniles in the Twentieth Century with Buddhist Methodology

Phrakhrukitiwarathorn, Phrakhrupisitthammanites, Phrakhruwikromthammathach, Jiraporn Phansawang, Piyasuda Petcharavet, Amornrat Phansawang, Rapeepat Hansopa


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