Published: 2019-12-26

Identification and characterization of membrane receptor protein YueB in Bacillus subtilis isolated from Thua Nao (Thai fermented soybean)

Pornthip Chawapun, Padchanee Sangthong, Pairote Wongputtisin, Keitarou Kimura, Supawadee Sriyam

APST-24-04-03(11 pages)

Metabolic profiles analysis and DPPH radical-scavenging assay of ‘Nam Dok Mai’ mango wine during fermentation

Nutthapol Wattanakul, Sumallika Morakul, Yaowapa Lorjaroenphon, Kriskamol Na Jom

APST-24-04-05(7 pages)

Improving tenderness of breast meat of spent-laying hens using marination in alkaline or acidic solutions

Chattrapon Koeipudsa, Yuwares Malila, Kanokrat Limpisophon

APST-24-04-08(8 pages)

Adaptable ergonomic interventions for patients with cerebral palsy to rice farmers activities: reviews and recommendations

Agung Kristanto, Manida Swangnetr Neubert, Rungthip Puntumetakul, Weerapat Sessomboon

APST-24-04-10(9 pages)