Jama’ah Da’wah Tabligh in Cambodia

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Sary Sles, 6852279
Rusdee Taher, 6852279


This research aims to study about the Jama’ah Da’wah Tabligh in Cambodia. The researcher used the qualitative analysis, deductive method, inductive method and descriptive methodology. The qualitative study using documentary methods and in-depth interviews of 15 key informants who were selected by purposive sampling.

          The researcher raised the questions to identify the problem in order to find the proper answers. The study aimed to explain the significance of Jama’ah Da’wah Tabligh in Islamic view, to identify the group of Jama’ah Da’wah Tabligh in Cambodia and their origin for example like they was grow up in Kampong Cham, Phnom Penh and Kampong Chhnang province mostly, and to identify the importance of their authorities like sikh haji Sulaiman bin Ibrahim, Uztaz Muhammad Irsad bin haji Ya’kob and many others of their famous member too.

          Finally, to identify about the Muslim Cambodia how and when they were reach to this country, because as we know before this country is a Buddhist’s country, But in (1238 AD) the kingdom of Champa was defeat by Daiviet (Vietnam) and after that some of Muslims Champa were move to Kampong Cham province of Cambodia, and this country were started to have Muslim people inside it from that time until now on.

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