The purposes of permition and prohibition in Islamic law

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มะรอนิง สาแลมิง
سيريمة أبوبكاري



The objective of this research is to elaborate the term permission and prohibition in Islam, and to clarify the aim of Almighty Allah toward them. While the research is based on two methods namely: inductive and deductive; that will surely solve the problems in this research; and to show the actual fact about it. As well the research attained that; the word permission and prohibition is a law from Allah in other to bring out the general idea which comprises variety of sharia law. After deep reflection and observation about the word permission and prohibition, the research generalizes the conclusion that it means the full submission of human toward Allah and protection of 5 major principle of life; such as protection of religion, protection of soul, protection of mind, protection of wealth and protection of family or humanity, and to grab the goodness and leave far away from the bad.  All these laws aim to organize the humanity toward Allah in this world and hereafter.

It has been proven that the thought invasion, exaggeration and extremism that Islam faces in recent times is the result of ignorance about the purposes of the Sharia from the legal provisions, especially the provisions related to permition and prohibition, as this ignorance led to the spread of differences between religious schools and groups, and there is no way to stop all these problems except by understanding the purposes of religion correctly.


Key words: permition, prohibition, purposes, Islamic law

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