Burnout: A Study of Private Vocational Teachers in Pattaya, Thailand


  • Panatda Konpoothorn


Burnout, Private vocational teacher


The purposes of this research were to investigate the burnout factors of the private vocational teachers in four vocational schools in Pattaya and to describe the effects of burnout of those private vocational teachers . This study applied multiple research design approaches. It was divided into 2 stages. The first stage used questionnaires to collect the data. The sample size was 128 teachers. The SPSS program was used to analyze the data, followed by in–depth interviews with long-serving participants in the schools that had a high rate of burnout. The researcher investigated seven interviewees regarding their experience, opinions, knowledge, feelings and ideas regarding burnout issues. The findings from in-depth-interviews were divided into seven categories: (1) Inspiration to be a teacher, (2) Feelings about work, (3) Social Environment, (4) Student issues, (5) Perceptions of the workplace, (6) Student family issues, and (7) Activities to reduce burnout. There were three implications of this study: the firstimplication was for the local Pattaya government, the second was for the HR educational field, and the third was for teachers who work at private vocational schools in Pattaya.

Key words : Burnout, Private vocational teacher


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