HR Analytics: Evolutions, Organizational Adaptation, Lesson Learnt, and Future Trends

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Suchittra Pongpisutsopa
Sotarat Thammaboosadee
Rojjalak Chuckpaiwong


This academic article presents Human Resource Analytics (HR analytics) in several aspects which are: evolution, element, lesson learnt, and future trends. Our study base on research and academic articles from reliable sources. Nowadays HR analytics has essential roles to link between HR activities and business outcomes. This study found that HR analytics process has continuous improvement, and many organizations primarily invest in HR analytics that adds value to themselves. Many organizations have been shifting Human Resource from an Inside/outside (Inside Out) to an Outside/inside (Outside In) approach, so they have been making HR practitioner as a professional and a business partner. The crucial factors are organizational structure and analytical skills that support HR analytics in the organizations and succeed. Finally, it is imperative that study and understands the lesson learnt, and the suggestions are change HR analytics from management fashion to management decisions. This article shows broader viewpoint of HR analytics, in-depth adaptation, and cooperate challenge.


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