Behavior and motivation of Chinese wellness tourists in Phuket

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Phitchayapron Poom a phinunt
Nareeya Weerakit


       The study aims to (1) explore Chinese wellness tourists’ behavior in Phuket. (2) investigate the motivation factors of Chinese wellness tourists in Phuket (3) analyze the impact of gender, age and travel experiences on Chinese wellness tourists’ motivation factors. Quantitative method was applied using questionnaire to collect data from 410 Chinese wellness tourists in Phuket. The results of the study found that most of Chinese wellness tourists were first time visitors who spent less than a week to plan for the trip and the duration of stay was less than 1 week. The most popular source of travel information was travel agencies and internet/ social media. Their travel companion to visit Phuket was couple/spouse. The most popular wellness services for Chinese tourists were anti-aging and spa services. Most of them took care the cost of wellness services by themselves with the budget less than 1,000 yuan.  The most important motivation factors for Chinese wellness tourists to visit Phuket were “nature” and “relaxation and escape”. Moreover, gender, age, and travel experience have a significant effect on the importance of motivation factors for Chinese wellness tourist to visit Phuket.


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