A Study Of Marketing Mix Strategy Of Samsung Mobile Phone In Guangzhou, China That Impacts Customer Satisfaction


  • ํYe Tian -
  • ทิฆัมพร พันลึกเดช


Marketing Mix (7PS) Strategy, Samsung Mobile Phone, Guangzhou China


       The objectives of this study were to (1) analyze the level of marketing strategies of Samsung Mobile Phone in Guangzhou, China (2) study the level of the customers ' satisfaction with the Samsung Mobile Phone in Guangzhou, China, and (3) determine the relationship between the demographic variables, and marketing mix strategy of Samsung Mobile Phone in Guangzhou, China, and customers’ satisfaction.

       This study is quantitative research. The empirical data were collected, from 384 customers who buys Samsung mobile phones in Guangzhou, China. The researcher also tested relationship between marketing mix strategies which are product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, and process and customer satisfaction. The findings indicated medium relationship between some marketing mix strategies (product, price, promotion, people, and process) and customer satisfaction. In addition, there was a small relationship between other marketing mix strategies (place and physical evidence).






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