A sip of Tea Business


  • Sipnarong Kanchanawongpaisan Southeast Asia University
  • Tikhamporn Punluekdej Southeast Asia University


Cherseeya market, Inca star bean, Ratchaburi province


          This research has objectives to: 1) study the context of Cherseeya market, 2) find out about the personality traits of the market founder, Mr. Sakda Amornwatree, and 3) discover the benefits of Inca star bean tea. It is considered as a qualitative research in which it utilizes a (an) documentary study, in-depth interview, and focus group. The key-informants included 12 persons who were purposively selected. The focus group was undertaken with 6 individuals. The data were analyzed by the typological, component and content analysis and verified by a tri-angulation method.

          It was found that 1) the Cherseeya or Kwai Ple market is a community market located at Tambon Tanao Si, Amphoe Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi province. The market was established by a strong community leader based on a sufficiency economy philosophy and a co-existence of people in the community. The market serves as a significant strategic area towards a creation of a grassroots economy by relying on community products and the physical surroundings developed into a tourist attraction. 2) Mr. Sakda Amornwatree, a determined native founder of the market, possessed and demonstrated a unique character or traits in terms of proactive will power, learning behavior, and eagerness for success. And 3) The Inca star bean tea and related products, a promising new cash crop with its emerging source of nutrients, were developed in the market and sold to customers who came to visit the market.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)