Research about Application of Social Work in China Enterprise Assistance Program


  • Sipnarong Kanchanawongpaisan Southeast Asia University
  • Meizhen Li


satisfaction, social work, EAP


         In the era of the knowledge economy, the workforce is one of the main manifestations of enterprise competitiveness. At the same time, with economic globalization and the intensification of competition, people in the work of the pressure is gradually increasing. Therefore, in this context, how various channels and measures for enterprise employees so that employees can be the best state for enterprises to make due contributions become one of the focus of attention. Enterprises to provide employees with the appropriate services not only to reduce the staff in the work and life in the face of the various pressures but also conducive to organizational performance improvement and promote the organization’s sustainable development.

        Employee Assistance Programs have become one of the indispensable parts of human organization management in modern organizations. Through years of development in Western countries, EAP has shown that it can, to some extent, reduce the pressure on employees to solve problems, improve employee relations, and improve organizational performance. With the rapid development of China's market economy, EAP has been gradually introduced into the management of enterprises in China. EAP has slowly become the focus of academic circles in China. Hong Kong has proved that social work is one of the main methods of EAP service. With the rapid development of social work in our country in recent years, the EAP service provided by social workers will inevitably become the primary way and measure to realize the localization of EAP service in China.

This paper takes EAP as the research object to analyze the application of EAP in enterprise management in China. In the process of analysis and research, through the analysis of EAP-related concepts and related theories, this paper analyzes the application of EAP in Chinese enterprises based on investigating the needs of Chinese employees in helping the process. Design and put forward the relevant implementation strategies and measures. This paper the research of this paper mainly includes the following parts: Firstly, the concept, development process, and related theory of EAP are analyzed, which lays a good foundation for the research of this paper. Secondly, the EAP service is carried out under the social work mode. This paper analyzes the application case of the casework, the work of the group, the work of the group, and the three working methods of community work. Thirdly, through the design and questionnaire survey of the satisfaction model, the social work pattern is obtained through the analysis of the data Under the EAP service satisfaction; Finally, according to the actual situation, put EAP in China's enterprises in the implementation of specific strategies and measures. It is hoped that through the analysis and research of this paper, we can promote and promote the development and promotion of EAP in our country.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)