Factors Affecting Online Learning Outcomes for New Normal Life of High School Students in Chengdu, China


  • Yao Zhang


Online learning behavior, media/technology readiness, online learning environment


This research aimed to investigate the key factors impacting online learning outcomes for students in Chengdu, China, in the context of the 'new normal' life brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The study predominantly involved male high school teachers, aged 31-35, teaching grade 6, with a monthly income range of CNY 4,001-4,500. The research identified the importance of perceived ease of use of technology, including using smartphones and tablets as essential teaching devices, the acceptance of recorded teaching by students, and the requirement of user-friendly teaching instruments. In terms of perceived usefulness, factors such as teacher motivation, students' perception of online teaching, and the efficacy of online teaching emerged as crucial components for enhancing online learning outcomes.

The study also highlighted the moderate impact of faculty capacity on online learning outcomes, emphasizing the need for schools' administration to understand and support online teaching and provide necessary teaching resources like Wi-Fi routers and teaching applications. Significant emphasis was placed on course content design, quality, and organization as factors affecting online learning outcomes. Learner characteristics, particularly the students' perception and enthusiasm for online learning, were also instrumental in determining these outcomes. Finally, online learning outcomes were explored, focusing on enhancing students' communication skills, exam results, knowledge broadening, and the importance of online discussions to improve learning quality.

Author Biography

Yao Zhang








บทความวิจัย (Research article)