Longtan Grand Canyon in Luoyang, China: Visual Symbol Media Design of Tourist City


  • Jianqiao Zhao Mahasarakham University
  • Prathabjai Suwanthada Mahasarakham University


visual symbols, urban tourism, Longtan Grand Canyon, Luoyang


This qualitative study aimed to investigate the history and culture of Longtan Grand Canyon in Luoyang and the development of its tourism image and visual symbol, (2) to explore and analyze the current problems of visual symbols in the scenic area, and (3) to propose designs for visual symbols in the Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic area. The population and samples used in this study were divided into two groups: (1) the group that studied and analyzed the design data were the staff of the relevant departments of the Longtan Grand Canyon; (2) the satisfaction assessment group included the staff of the relevant departments of the Longtan Grand Canyon, tour guides and tourists. (Shorten this sentence) The research tools used in the study were surveys, observations, and questionnaires. The statistical quantities were mean and standard deviation. The study found that the scenic area of Longtan Grand Canyon in Luoyang has a long history and culture, and its scenic area has significant research value. On this basis, designing its visual symbols should follow the corresponding visual design principles, and the relevance of visual symbols to urban tourism should be clarified. The visual symbols of the Luoyang Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area are finally designed by refining their elements.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)