Design of narrative dynamic illustration technique: Luoyang City, China


  • Jiajia Su Mahasarakham University
  • Sakchai Sikka Mahasarakham University


dynamic illustration, visual expression, artistic expression, Luoyang City


This paper mainly focuses on the design of dynamic illustration by qualitative research method, 1) exploring the characteristics of Luoyang tourism culture 2) analyzing the design principles of dynamic illustration 3) designing dynamic illustration of Luoyang tourism culture. Based on the theoretical study of dynamic illustration design, we got the characteristics of the visual expression of dynamic illustration, the structure and characteristics of the narrative language of dynamic illustration, combined with the theory of visual perception, cognitive psychology, design psychology and other related disciplines to study this selection to obtain the law of motion and signal principle of dynamic illustration; for the investigation of Luoyang tourism culture, we learned the historical development and cultural value of Luoyang tourism, according to In the process of designing the dynamic illustration, the Chinese style of illustration and classical color scheme were determined based on the tourism culture of Luoyang and the case study, and on this basis, six draft illustrations were drawn. After the questionnaire was distributed to the target group, the two illustrations with the highest popularity were selected and further engraved to complete the complete static illustration. Among them, the illustration of Paradise Hall received 67.31% of the votes, ranking first. The second place was occupied by the illustration of Yingtianmen with 65.38% of votes. Three experts were invited to analyze the works and give suggestions and evaluations, and the final dynamic illustration design of Luoyang tourism culture was drawn according to the suggestions and data analysis, and the ideas were conveyed through the dynamic visual language of this illustration, thus resonating with the viewers.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)