The redesign of Suzhou embroidery patterns based on the perspective of artistic characteristics: application in today's society


  • Bingqian Zhu Mahasarakham University
  • Prathabjai Suwanthada Mahasarakham University


Redesign, Suzhou embroidery culture, Suzhou embroidery patterns, Artistic characteristics, motifs, floral design


This qualitative research delves into the intricate world of Suzhou embroidery, focusing on its historical and cultural evolution, artistic nuances, and contemporary reinterpretation. The study is structured around three primary objectives: firstly, to explore the historical and cultural background shaping Suzhou embroidery and its patterns; secondly, to analyze the artistic attributes of Suzhou embroidery motifs, encompassing technical features, expressive content, modeling methods, color schemes, and compositional elements; and thirdly, to creatively redesign Suzhou embroidery patterns, infusing them with modern relevance while retaining their artistic essence.

      The research methodology involves two distinct groups: The first, a comprehensive information research group, focuses on various finished Suzhou embroidery products, particularly those from Zhenhu Street in Suzhou. The second group centers on design analysis, data collection, and satisfaction assessment, involving diverse participants, including embroidery manufacturers, shop owners, designers, artisans, cultural enthusiasts, local residents, and tourists in Zhenhu. Purposive sampling was employed to select these groups, with questionnaires as the primary data collection tool.

      Key findings reveal that Suzhou embroidery, one of the Four Great Embroideries of China, not only shares common artistic threads with general embroidery art but also boasts a distinctive style born from generations of innovation and adherence to tradition. Celebrated for its rich history, diverse techniques, elegant colors, and exquisite craftsmanship, Suzhou embroidery has adapted to historical shifts, demonstrating remarkable resilience and vitality. The study meticulously examines the technical, expressive, modeling, color, and compositional aspects of Suzhou embroidery, uncovering its artistic characteristics and cultural depth.

      The research culminates in the design of ten unique Suzhou embroidery patterns. These patterns were evaluated through satisfaction surveys targeting the groups above. The results indicated a high level of appreciation, with pattern 4 achieving the highest average satisfaction score of 4.5, followed by patterns 9 and 8, scoring 4.12 and 4.02, respectively. Each pattern embodies the artistic traits and traditional cultural significance intrinsic to Suzhou embroidery, highlighting the successful fusion of historical artistry with contemporary design.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)