The Silver Jewellery Design Process and Its Future Development Across the Communities of the Si Satchanalai Park, Sukhothai Province

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วิไลลักษณ์ ชูช่วย
จิรวัฒน์ พิระสันต์
วิติยา ปิดตังนาโพธิ์


The purpose of this research had three folds: 1) to analyze the community context, and the design process for silver jewellery across the communities of the Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai Province; 2) to develop the future design process for cultural silver jewellery across these communities; and 3) to evaluate the future design process for cultural silver jewellery across these communities. The research instruments included in-depth interview, non-participatory observation, focus group discussion, questionnaires, seminar, and displaying. The future design process for cultural silver jewellery comprised 7 areas, namely: 1) data collection, 2) identification of scope of problems, 3) solutions, 4) design concept, 5) sketching, 6) prototyping, and 7) evaluation and conclusion. The evaluation of future cultural silver jewellery design process involved 10 aspects including 1) situation, 2) features 3) concept, 4) design selection, 5) prototyping, 6) evaluation, 7) circular products, 8) product background, 9) sustainable materials, and 10) public relations. The evaluation result suggests a highest level of satisfaction on the silver jewellery 10 collections as rated by the community sages for the Devious Collection with mean=4.81, S.D.=0.35; by academics for the Blooming Collection with mean=4.72, S.D.=0.49; by the designers for the Devious Collection with mean=4.62, S.D.=0.50; and by the entrepreneurs for the Lotus Collection with mean=4.79, S.D.=0.30.  


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