Design and Development of Mixed Media for Exhibitions in Thai-Song-Dum Cultural Learning Center in Ban Koh Rad, Bang Pla, Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province

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พรพิมล ศักดา
วรารัตน์ วัฒนชโนบล
ณัฐปคัลภภ์ กิตติสุนทรพิศาล


This research aims to study community and tourism context in Ban Koh Rad and information about the existing Thai-Song-Dum cultural learning center as well as the need for mixed media design and development for exhibitions in the center with the community participation. The community participants’ opinions on the physical environment and the mixed media in the learning center are evaluated. This study is therefore based on the development of a participatory action research framework with three stages. Stage 1 is community context study of the Koh Rad community tourism and information about the existing center and brainstorming to gather information on the need for a mixed media design for internal exhibits in the center by interviewing key informants and setting the questionnaire for the interview. Stage 2 is the design and development of mixed media for exhibitions in Thai-Song-Dum cultural learning center by community involvement. Stage 3 is an assessment of the opinions on the physical environment and the media for exhibitions in the Community Learning Center. The questionnaire was used to collect 50 samples.
The research found that 1.the strengths and attractiveness of cultural tourism of the Thai-Song-Dum in Ban Koh Rad were to decorate houses, food, beliefs, traditions and folk games, arts and crafts, products and goods of the community. The expression in this section has been designed as a mixed media for display as a learning exhibition. 2. Mixed media work for exhibitions in the Thai-Song-Dum cultural learning center in Ban Koh Rad consists of sign and symbol systems as well as exhibition decoration work (graphic, two and three-dimensional materials) 3. a questionnaire survey was found that before visiting the center the sample group had known about the ethnic Thai-Song-Dum group at a moderate level (x̅ = 2.66; SD = 0.48) and after a high level of knowledge (x̅ = 4.36; SD = 0.48) and were highly impressed (x̅ = 4.12; SD = 0.33). The data and presentation of the museum showed that the format of displaying interesting information at a high level (x̅ = 4.48; SD = 0.50); was presented with a high level of modern technique (x̅ = 4.16; SD = 0.51) offered details at a high level (x̅ = 4.10; SD = 0.74). It was also found that the learning center was at the highest level (x̅ = 4.58; SD = 0.50) and it was clean and tidy at a great level (x̅ = 4.08; SD = 0.49).


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