Facial and Lip movement design for Animation character

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The purposes of this research are to 1) study the techniques of animation design of face and mouth
of animated characters to exactly match the speech, singing, and pronunciation of words and vowels that
are recorded for the characters, 2) design the shape of the facial expressions that convey meaning,
emotions, and feelings, 3) use the results of this research as the principles of animation design of face and
mouth for other animation techniques, for example, 2D animation, 3D animation, and Stop motion, and 4)
test it with animation work that use speech, singing, and emotional expressions on face and mouth of
animated characters in Thai and English languages. This design of research was evaluated by 155 general
people who are interested in this field of study. The results of the study revealed that, based on 155
participants, the evaluation for animation design of face and mouth of animated characters to express
emotions and feelings showed high appropriateness (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.06). In greater detail, the overall design of face
and mouth showed clear emotional expressions in highly appropriate level (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.29), shape of face and
mouth could convey clear meaning in highly appropriate level (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.06), the process of the design of face
and mouth was conducted systematically and comprehensively in highly appropriate level (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 3.70), this
animation design could be applied to use in other animation techniques in highly appropriate level (gif.latex?\bar{x}=
4.16), and it showed the aesthetic beauty of design in highly appropriate level
(gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.12).


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