Development of products from cultural capital to meet market demands: A case study of Sai-jai Mudmee weaving business, Um Chan Sub-District, Prachaksinlapakhom District, Udon Thani Province

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Vuthipong Roadkasemsri


This research is part of the product design and development project that is in line with the needs of the market, which is supported by the Industrial Promotion Center Region 4, Ministry of Industry, fiscal year 2018 with the objective to study the intellectual and cultural capital leading to Design and develop products to be in line with market demand. Case study. Sai-jai Mudmee weaving business, Um Chan, Prachaksinlapakhom District, Udon Thani Province Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods Collecting information on the environment, establishment And explore participatory markets with entrepreneurs The tool used is a questionnaire that has been validated and evaluated for content validity index by marketing experts. How to use in-depth interviews Data were collected from a sample of 20 people. The results were analyzed together with the results from the study of the community's cultural capital to determine the guidelines for product development. Create prototype products and test new products in the market. Collect data from 100 target consumers. The research results show that from the market survey, consumers perceive that hand-woven products still lack identity. And product development to be diverse Therefore leading to the study of cultural capital in order to develop a unique product model. The results of the study are summarized as a guideline for product development by using Tangible cultural capital in the Mudmee indigo weaving wisdom that the skilled community already uses. New fabric created from Red lotus field Design products in line with the target consumers. Is a group of ladies, civil servants or government employees aged 35- 40 years and then conducting product prototypes Bring the prototype to test the new product in the market, which has been well received by the consumer group. The overall satisfaction score is 4.60, meaning very good level. And the business of Sai-jai Mudmee weaving business has continued to produce the woven pattern fabric from Red lotus since collecting data from the development of 3 months after the product is released. It is found that the trend of revenue from distribution is higher than the original. Less than 80 percent per month


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