The design contributing to identity creation for a small hotel A case study of Ban-Sri Family Hotel , Kabinburi district, Prachin Buri province

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Patsara Srirungruangchai


        The purposes of the study aimed to seek for design guidelines and create the identity for a small hotel; Ban-Sri Family Hotel, which was considered as the case study. Ban-Sri Family Hotel is a small hotel business located in Kabin sub-district, Kabinburi district, Prachin Buri province. The hotel has been operated for five years. From the initial survey, the researcher realized that the core problem of the business operation was hotel business competitions in the area. Unless the problem was solved and the business plan was developed, they would cause the profit loss in the long-run. Therefore, the purposes of this research were to study room’s interior designs created as an experiment room of Ban-Sri Family Hotel. For the methodology, the researcher firstly examined the problem relating to the hotel business through these procedures: reviewing literature, conducting a survey in order to study behaviors as well as decision-making principals of the sample and studying the local identity in Kabinburi area. After that, the results were brought to be analyzed for room’s interior designs with the applied local identity in order that the creation were to be apt to the purposes of the study and to be in accordance with the interior design theory also.

​        A partition was created for space provision. The space was utilized for guests in terms of convenience and privacy. Moreover, the interior designs of the room were contemporary by increasing serene atmosphere. Matched with hotel’s policies, the designs contained simplicity, coziness and local identity of Kabinburi. Additionally, design specialists evaluated the created artwork. It showed that Pattern 1 Design was mostly appropriate in accordance with the purposes of the study in terms of efficient usage: durable, easily maintained and valuable. This design led to a finest efficient interior decoration according to the prior purpose, ultimately.


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