Built Environmental to Increase the Potential for New Agro Tourism: Model Farm, Songkhla

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Tachaya Sangkakool


The model farm project under the Royal considered as a guideline for area development, which outstanding to enhance the development and revitalize the economy and promoted new agricultural tourism. The purpose of this research was to design a guideline for the physical design of the model farm and create a new identity of agricultural tourism. Conducted of the study of theories related to the design guidelines for tourists were analyzed area identity. The results of the survey on satisfaction of the environment suitable for agricultural tourism. In terms of resources and strength, it was found that the nature and the abundance of the area was the highest at 4.49±0.6. Regarding the environment and physical composition, it was found that the location of the learning resources was 4.38 ± 0.62.  In terms of management found that the safety of the farm was 4.30 ± 0.68.  According to the results of the survey on the demand to increase the capacity to support agricultural tourism within the model farm project. The capacity to accommodate tourists was 4.31± 0.75.  According to research, when the build environment of the farm leading to the number of tourists and study groups were increasing. The variety of activities has enhanced the tourists to spend time 1-2 hours in the model farm project. The design of the farm by using build environment concept to created the development of areas such as agricultural learning centers. There is variety of agricultural products are sold from farmers, leading to development of the people in the community which that improve income and quality of life.


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