Analysis of Buddhist images in the Rattanakosin period in mural painting of Thailand. To create Innovation Art of Faith

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Somporn Turee


This research was to study and analyze form, content, beliefs, elements of art. Symbols for expressing Buddhist history in murals in the Rattanakosin period (Rama 1-9) to create a body of knowledge in creating innovative arts about faith And creating interaction with people to participate in the work Installed around the faith in Bodhgaya pagoda Wat Panyanantharam Pathumthani Province And to realize the image of Buddha's history to the belief in Buddhism in today's society. And to preserve arts and culture and is the center of mind for virtue and ethics and to coordinate the relationship between the temple, community and society.

           From the study, analysis and interpretation of the Buddha's history in the murals in the Rattanakosin period (Rama 1-9), including Phra Thinang Phutthaisawan Wat Suwannaram Ratchaworawihan Wat Suthat Thepwararam Wat Bowonnines Vihara Temple of the Emerald Buddha Rachathiwat Ratchaworawihan Temple. Choose a temple that has murals that are distinctive in Buddhist history. Such as birth, enlightenment, orientation and nirvana and to analyze the dissemination of Buddhism. Choose the faith is expressed in Buddhism. (Theravada and Mahayana) that reflect form, content, and artistic elements leading to faith summary of analysis to create innovative arts it consists of art, science, math and technology.

            Creations from the analysis of Buddhist history. It is the development of painting works from 2D to 3D in virtual reality with people interacting. And participated in 4 works, resulting in better awareness of faith, beauty, goodness, and truth in Buddhism, raising the mind Born of virtuous virtue and to promote art and cultural tourism.


Key words: Buddhist, Rattanakosin period mural painting, create Innovation, Faith


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