The objective of the journal is designed to publish research articles and academic articles that cover new knowledge in humanities, social sciences and related areas. These articles must be written by faculty members, researchers, students, and independent academics. Expectedly, the content in the articles would make a great contribution to people at large, society and the nation. The content in the articles must be concerned with law, liberal arts, arts, political science, politics, government, public administration, business administrations, marketing, management, accounting, finance and banking, real estate business, foreign business, logistics management, education, educational technology, educational administration, curriculum and teaching, childhood education, and communication arts (advertisement, public relations, radio broadcasting, television, movies, performing arts, and so  on).


Types of articles

          - Research articles  with characteristics and Research design based on academic principles such as Formulate research hypothesis by specifying clear objectives,Systematically researched and concluded research for further benefits.
          - Academic articles
  in analytical or critical ways and propose a new concept based on academic principles which initiate a knowledge or can be applied for further benefits.



          - Thai


Peer Review Process

          - All articles will be considered through quality evaluation before publishing. Each article will be sent for peer review by at least 3 experts  in the field of the research.
The evaluation uses double-blind technique.


Publication Frequency

          A Schedule for Publication (2 Copies a Year)

          - First Copy       : January – June
          - Second Copy : July – December



Sources of Support