Cover Vol 6 No 1 (2017)

          The objective of the journal is designed to publish research articles and academic articles that cover new knowledge in humanities, social sciences and related areas. These articles must be written by faculty members, researchers, students, and independent academics. Expectedly, the content in the articles would make a great contribution to people at large, society and the nation. The content in the articles must be concerned with law, musicology, liberal arts, arts, political science, politics, government, public administration, business administrations, marketing, management, accounting, finance and banking, real estate business, foreign business, logistics management, education, educational technology, educational administration, curriculum and teaching, childhood education, and communication arts (advertisement, public relations, radio broadcasting, television, movies, performing arts, and so  on).

Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020): July - December

Published: 2020-12-12

The Cooperative Network Development in Multicultural Society of New Generation Leader to Sustainable Learning Community

Jumnian Junhasobhaga, Kesaree Pongsung, Chavanakorn Yokinmisjinja, Rujikarn Sanont


High Performance Practice in Thai SMEs Textile Industry

Arisara Rungrueang, Napaporn Khantanapha, Rapeepun Piriyakul


Swensen’s Equity Management on the Context of Mass Customization Marketing

Parkorn Chobhan, Napaporn Khantanapha, Rapeepun Piriyakul


Implementing Inclusive Business Models

Sobchoke Na Srito, Rapeepun Piriyakul, Napaporn Khantanapha


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