Policies Concerning the Publication in the Journal


          1. The author of academic articles and research articles is required to write his or her article in line with the format provided in “A Guideline for Manuscript Preparation.”
          2. The author must guarantee that his or her manuscript has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
          3. All the authors appear in the article are those who are actually involved in the research process.
          4. The author is obligatory to cite the names of the persons whose works are in the author’s article and their names must also appear in the references.

          Peer Reviewers

          1. The peer reviewer of the article must avoid using personal views or ideas as the criteria for the evaluation of the article assigned to him or her for a review.
          2. In case some sections of the content in the article overlap the works of other writers, the peer reviewer is bound to notify the matter to the editors of the journal.
          3. In case the peer reviewer comes to realize that he or she has some personal gain due to the fact that he or she has participated in the research project conducted by the article author, he or she should refrain from evaluating or reviewing the article.


          1. The editor of the journal is obligated to not disclose the names of the author and the names of the peer reviewers to anyone who is not directly concerned particularly during the time when the manuscript of the article is under review.
          2. The editor  must not have any conflict of interest, neither the interest from the author nor the interest from the peer reviewer.