Participation in the management of community banks refuse Wat Puranawath Thawi Watthana Bangkok (Phase 1)

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            This article is intended to be a research report. "participation Management of waste bank of WatPuranawat community, Thaweewattana District, Bangkok (Phase 1) The target groups of the research were monks, community leaders, villagers using techniques, interview methods, observation methods, data validation using Triangulation. The results of this research are as follows. The community also has a lack of knowledge and understanding of the contribution of waste management to global warming, causing environmental problems that affect health. By properly separating the rubbish into the tank.

            In addition, it was found that the community had to promote the knowledge about garbage collection correctly. By establishing a waste bank to cultivate savings. It also makes people in the community begin to understand the problem of garbage on their own.

            As a solution, garbage bins were separated at various points in the community, resulting in better community conditions and better mental health. People have a better way of life. Adapting to Change Keeping the community happy is a strong, sustainable community.



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ปราการ เกิดมีสุข