Trade and Innovation in the modern world; Green Innovation Start up by Green Industrials and Renewable energy resource”

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Ratchayaporn O-sot



            While environmental investments are welcome by society, entrepreneurships need to identify the circumstances favoring the generation of both corporate profits and public benefits.If in the past, innovation was predominantly driven by the intention of exceeding customers’ expectation or to create simpler and less costly processes. In the present, many organizations are required to respond to environmental and social demands.

            With the context for trade and innovation is does not new or strange for enterprise. On the other hand, they are meaningful and difference ways to interpret them. Depend on how deep is your corporate? Or How to increasing your value and reach of both corporate profits and public benefits?that should be make your organization growth and sustainability. The major environmental concerns in the 21st century are atmosphere pollution; human health is become the main objective with any related fields. The objective of trade is to make a profit as much as business can. Productivity and profitability are efficiency by technology, both in operation and production management. Innovation is implementation to every organization, its tool of management and fulfill with technology advance. When information technology has influence with business sector and personal, create machine and destroy environmental, renewable materials and disposal wastes, increase profits and decrease durability. Thus, company’senvironmental performance while enhancing its competitiveness. In every enterprise should be identification includes not only the understanding of environmental demands but also customer’s requirements and acceptance of environmentally-friendly products, competitor’s action, and the innovation of processes or products.  

           The significant of this research is to study of Trade and Innovation in the modern world; Green Innovation Start up by Green Industrials and Renewable energy resource. Furthermore, we should find the answer from these following questions as well as we can; How human live and safe this world? Green Innovation Startup is growth by green industrials or not? Can we added value to business by renewable energy resource?. The absolute answer is does not mean ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ but the way to success is ‘Sustainability’.



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Ratchayaporn O-sot