The Development of Thailand’s Potentials and Exports of Shrimp Processed for Southeast Asia

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โชติมา โชติกเสถียร



            To study the potential development of Thai canned seafood and processed food exports to South Asian countries. The purpose is to study the export trend. It is also capable of competing in trade of canned seafood and processed foods in South Asian countries, by using the Comparative Advantage Analysis (RCA) concept in the years 2008-2017. The result of the study is Thailand's shrimp export market share is ranked 5th in the world. There are major export markets are USA, Japan, Vietnam. For major export markets in South Asian countries are Myanmar, Pakistan, canned food and processed foods, that canned seafood products and processed foods include fresh, chilled, frozen, shrimps, prawns, other fresh chilled. Based on comparative advantage analysis (RCA) of Thailand compared with India and Vietnam, Thailand has a disadvantage in exporting shrimp to India and Vietnam due to RCA values ​​obtained during 2008-2060 less than one. However, this disadvantage has improved in sequence. For the analysis of the factors affecting the export value of canned and processed seafood, the export t-1, the level of the export price index of the fishery sector (PriceIND) and the exchange rate (FX) affects the export value in the same direction. Price Index in Baht (FX*PriceIND) affects the export value in the opposite direction. Therefore, the government should seek international cooperation to promote shrimp exports to expand the economy. Production should be promoted by developing tools and machinery that can increase the production of fresh shrimp and processing equipment.


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