Comparative State Administration: The Pattern of Acquisition of Local Government Leaders; A Case Study of France, the United States, Sweden, England, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.

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           The objectives of this study were three fold: study the patterns of acquiring local government leaders in these countries; 2. to compare the patterns acquiring local government leaders in  these of countries; and 3. to study the administrative practices of local government leaders in these countries.

            The study was qualitative in method. The needed data were collected from documents,  internet , and archival records. The collected data were analyzed by categorizing, synthesizing and summarizing.

            As results of the data analysis, the researcher has found the following facts;  Most of the local government leaders gained their positions by dint of election; forms of local government in these countries were varied and many such as monarchy and presidency ; and in virtually all of these countries, the administration was based on a single state.


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