Transportation System Development for Delivering Heavy and Oversized Goods Case Study of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Mae Moh District, Lampang

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            In transportation of heavy and oversized shipment, e.g. Generator width 4.30 M,Length 10. 5 M, weight 365 tons Generator, is a special type of cargo and very important from the point of origin to final destination can be a complicated task which involves a lot of planning.  The impact of many factors that will happen this research presents the design process of transporting heavy and oversized cargo.  In order to handing Heavy and Oversized cargo which no one has written about the process of work and practice,  Most workers will work according to experience without clear criteria,  The researcher found that if there was a collection of data past work together with time context information, loctiions, people, information and business rules in operation. From transportation preparation real-time management using data from sensors wuch as RFID, GPS and info-Sensor from the internet during transportation and installation at destination.  This transportation management system hekps to reduce errors in the preparation phase because the context is caused by Business rules are used to supervise that every process, the correct procedure has been done during the journey by monitoring the data of the main route traveling in accients, natural disasters traffic conditions, criminals and coordination with the origin and destination parties,  In the event of an unexpected incident, the route will have a backup route.  The various contextual information will help the boad of directors to decide whether to continue with the same route or use a back up route.  When reaching the destination as for the business rules, the business will come to check the product step down from the truck and stored in the prepared place enabling the company and related parties to measure performance


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