A Development of The Guidance Activity Package to Enhance Student Self-Esteem

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            The purpose of this quasi experimental research was to 1) develop the guidance  activity  package for enhancing student self-esteem. 2) compare the result of a  guidance  activity  package on self-esteem of students in the experimental group and those in the control group.

            The samples were 100  Mathayom Suksa 1 students who were studying in the first semester of 2016 academic year at Triamudomsuksanomklao School. They were randomly assigned to an experimental group and a control group, each group comprising of 50 students. The instruments were the guidance activity package and  Stanley Coopersmith’s Self – Esteem Inventory School, Data was analyzed by using the descriptive statistics such as percentage, arithmetic mean, and standard deviation, and the inferential statistic by t-test.

            Findings revealed as follows;

            1. The guidance activity package for enhancing student self-esteem was at good quality package of 16 activities.

            2. Self-esteem scores of students in the experimental group who received the guidance activity  package were significantly higher than those in the control group at .01 significant level.


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