The factors from oversea that affect the Stock Exchange of Thailand Index Study of factors of foreign pressure to the stock exchange of Thailand

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The research of factors from oversea that affect the Stock Exchange of Thailand Index (SET Index). The research aim to study the key factors that has an effect to the stock exchange index.

The independent variables include of DowJones Index , Nikkei Index, Nasdaq Index, Ordinaries Index, Straits Times Index, Malaysia Composite Index , Philippines Composite Index , South Korea Composite Index , Interest Rate of America and Foreign Direct Investments, which are used as secondary data collected monthly from January 2012 to December 2018 (84 months in total). Obviously, the dependent variable in this study is SET Index. Multiple regression was used to analyze the relationship between these variables.

The result shows that the only seven variables have significantly influence to Stock Exchange of Thailand Index; DowJones Index, Nikkei Index, Straits Times Index, Nasdaq Index , Ordinaries Index, Philippines Composite Index, and South Korea Composite Index. DowJones Index seems to have the highest impact followed by Nasdaq Index, Philippines Composite Index, Nikkei Index, Ordinaries Index, Straits Times Index, and South Korea Composite Index consecutively (in which Malaysia Composite Index, Interest Rate of America, and Direct Foreign Investment have no impact to the Thailand’s Index. In addition, DowJones Index, Ordinaries Index and Philippines Composite Index show positive correlation, while Nasdaq Index, Nikkei Index, and South Korea Composite Index show negative impact. The R-square component is 0.929


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