The Study of Denotation, Connotation, and the Meaning Construction of Hello Kitty in Thailand


  • Navinee Rodkaew


Hello Kitty, Meaning Construction, Semiologies


This research aims to study the meaning of each element of the Hello Kitty from the viewpoint of the key informants. It consists of academics, professional designers, Japanese culture experts in Thailand, and the Thai consumers. Data were collected and analyzed from in-depth interviews. The data’ were also analyzed, summarized, and discussed with the Semiologies theoretical group. The results revealed that key informants and Thai consumers provide meanings in parallel with Sanrio’s 3 factors (stripes, character design, and no mouth). There are 4 factors, of which the meanings are consistent but with some meanings added or cut off. They are cuteness, colors, Hello kitty products, and the final consumption of Hello Kitty products. There are 5 factors of which the meaning is different from the original ones. They are bow, personality, whether Hello kitty is a cat or a girl, a background story, and a representative of Japanese culture.


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