Taxi Driver’s Perspective towards the Importance of Career as a Service Provider in Hospitality Industry to Promote the Good Image of Thailand: A Case Study in Don Mueang Area, Bangkok a Case Study in Don Mueang Area, Bangkok

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Thanaporn Kariyapol


This paper investigated the taxi driver’s perspective towards the importance of career as a service provider in hospitality industry to promote a good image of Thailand which is one of the world’s most famous travel destination. The methodology of the research was a qualitative approach using the interviews with 130 taxi drivers, purposively selected as the key informants, who had provided a service in Don Mueang area in Bangkok where the international airport is located. Sustainable solutions were examined as well to solve all taxi-related issues. The findings revealed that vitality to live was far more significant than the relationship between taxi and tourism. Besides, the drivers' obstacles affecting the image of Thailand stemmed from the drivers themselves due to their lack of service skills and career-related knowledge.  The sustainable solutions to maintain good reputation of Thailand as a world destination should start with the consideration of taxi drivers as being important to economy and image of the country, and giving them an access to learning resources, individual skills development, and government supports in terms of financial resources, as well as attempts to single out drivers with undesirable behaviors.


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