A Tracer Study of Graduates of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education Program at Luangprabang Teacher Training College, Academic Year 2019 - 2020

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Phoneapasuerth Bounanphonh
Phatthana Sythakham
Somchit Sysouphan
Bounlai Phanthong
Chaiphone Senbounxeuane
Phetsamone Sukavisay
Wattanaporn Jaturanon
Suntorn Bumrerraj


A tracer study is a study that can effectively evaluate the effectiveness of a higher education program in order to improve and ensure its quality. This tracer study aimed to assess the competency and skills that graduates of the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (B.Ed. in ECE) at Luangprabang Teacher Training College (TTC) acquired from the program and investigate the employment status of the graduates of the program as well as the satisfaction of the graduates' employers. This study employed a quantitative research approach with a survey research design. Participants were sixty-eight graduates from the 2019-2020 academic year and their thirty-three respective employers. Two questionnaires were developed to evaluate graduates' program-acquired competency and skills, discover graduates' employability, and examine graduates' and their employers' satisfaction. The findings indicate that the graduates acquired adequate skills and competencies offered by Luangprabang TTC, and they are able to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program to their present jobs. Their level of satisfaction with the program's learning environment, facilities, and TTC support is relatively high. The majority of graduates are currently employed as teachers in schools (61.76 percent), and 76.19 percent can find employment within three months. Current employment is relevant to the program's curriculum. Employers are extremely satisfied with the abilities and capabilities of the graduates. However, the suggestions provided by employers should be taken into account so that future graduates are more aware and competent in research skills, professional skills, communication skills, and classroom management in order to meet the needs of the institution and society.

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