The Design and Development of the Training Program of Private Schools in Pattaya City

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Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana
Phairin Phairin
Jindapa Leeniwa


The objective of this study was to present guidelines for designing and developing a training program of private schools in Pattaya City. A qualitative approach was employed, utilizing semi-structured interviews with 22 participants who work in 5 private schools in Pattaya City. These participants included school license holders, school principals, vice school principals, assistant school principals, heads of department, and officers. The finding revealed that private schools in Pattaya City consider 8 key themes when designing and developing their training program 1. Training courses and activities; 2. Training methods; 3. Trainer; 4. Trainees; 5. Training materials; 6. Training period; 7. Training venue; and 8. Training budget.

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